Organic Vegetable Gardening - online course

Do you dream of walking out your back door and into a thriving veggie patch, full of delicious and healthy produce grown by your own hands?

Our Milkwood crew of experts is working on a brand new course to teach you how! The Organic Vegetable Gardening course will cover everything from garden design to planting, watering and more.

Whether you're a complete beginner who's never grown anything before - or you already have a veggie patch but are struggling with mixed results - this new course will get you growing abundance, with all the design, skills, tips and tricks you need to succeed.

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Learn how to grow great veggies using organic principles and permaculture thinking - to get those hands of yours re-connected to the earth, and boost your household's home-grown harvest, nutrition, AND happiness levels, all at once.

Detailed Instructional Video Lessons

Downloadable Resources & Guides

Guest Interviews With Talented Growers

Your Own Student Community

As you work through your self-paced course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Articulate your food-growing goals and make a solid garden plan to achieve your dream.
  • Build super-healthy soil.
  • Grow from seed and raise seedlings.
  • Grow all types of veggies, and understand plant families.
  • Water effectively and efficiently.
  • Make your own hot compost.
  • Save seeds and create your own home seed bank.
  • Manage weeds, pests and diseases organically, no chemicals needed.

And we'll share all our tried-and-tested tips for saving time and reducing costs, to get you happily growing mountains of great food. 

This course will be a fully supported experience - we will answer all your questions personally. Yep, ALL of them.

Your veggie gardening teachers + mentors

Many generations of food growing knowledge, 80+ years of combined experience…

Kirsten Bradley

Kirsten founded Milkwood with Nick in 2007. She is an experienced grower, beekeeper, pickler, teacher, learner and community builder - and the author of best-selling books Milkwood and Easy Peasy. She is a bit in love with seaweed, also.

Nick Ritar

Nick founded Milkwood with Kirsten in 2007. Since then, he has led over 2000 face-to-face students through their permaculture design journey - as well as farming, homesteading, parenting and growing a LOT of mushrooms. He's the one on the right (just btw).

And! A top secret (for now) gardening expert leading all your lessons...

To be announced down the track - we know you're going to love learning from this absolute powerhouse of a gardener...

Wherever you're at, we will get you growing food that's good for your mind, body and soul - and our planet, too.

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