Organic Vegetable Gardening

Do you dream of walking out your back door and into a thriving veggie patch, full of delicious and healthy produce, grown by YOU?

No matter if you're a complete beginner, or a few seasons in - this course will give you the skills to design, build, plant and grow your dream veggie garden - for life.

Organic Vegetable Gardening - our latest hands-on online course, contains all the skills you need to go from complete beginner to a thriving veggie patch.

Bookings open each season, to our waitlist. 

Household abundance and resilience, in all four seasons. We can't wait to get you growing.

 Bookings open soon...

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Designed for beginners, who are ready to GROW...

This self-paced, hands on learning experience contains many decades of gardening knowledge, to create the BEST 'start-your-garden' course available online.

We can't wait to help you get the hands-on skills you need to grow great veggies using organic principles and permaculture thinking...

to help those hands of yours get re-connected to the earth & your ecosystem, and boost your household's home-grown harvest, nutrition, biodiversity AND happiness levels, all at once. 


Our next class opens for bookings on September 2nd. Class will begin 2 weeks later. If you're keen to join us, please join the waitlist and we will let you know when bookings open.

In this course, you'll get the skills to:

  • Articulate your food-growing goals and make a solid garden plan to achieve your dream.
  • Design your best-ever veggie patch, from scratch.
  • Build super-healthy soil, no matter where you live.
  • Design crop rotation and succession planting, to ensure you ALWAYS have a bit of a harvest coming on.
  • Grow from seed and raise seedlings, to save money & build resilience.
  • Grow all the types of veggies you like, and understand plant families.
  • Identify how to water efficiently, from active to passive watering solutions, to irrigation systems.
  • Make your own compost in a way that suits your context.
  • Save seeds and create your own home seed bank.
  • Identify and manage weeds, pests and diseases organically, no chemicals needed.
  • Harvest, cook, preserve and enjoy your veggies - with plenty to spare!


Inside your course:

All the skills you need to grow serious abundance at home, with ongoing personal guidance, from us.

8 weeks of learning

You will learn how to design, build, plant, grow and harvest with easy-to-follow video lessons, weekly resources - and lifetime access to everything.

Guides & Resources

An extensive 'sow-what-when' calculator for ALL climates, a complete Garden Planner, and downloadable guides on each subject as you learn

Learning Community

Your private student community for asking Qs, swapping tips, keeping you motivated and meeting new gardening buddies - with lifetime access.

Live Class Meetups

Jump on regular live Q&A calls and ask our garden experts questions directly, so we can solve your challenges together, no matter what.


Your Veggie Gardening Teachers + Mentors

Each with decades of food growing knowledge, and 80+ years of combined experience - here's the humans who will teach your course...

Hannah Moloney

Hannah will teach your lessons and show you how to get designing and growing, with her infectious enthusiasm and gardening know-how. With a background in cultivating community, Hannah is a life-long gardener, best selling author of The Good Life, educator, and presenter on ABC's Gardening Australia.

Kirsten Bradley

Kirsten will mentor you through your course, helping you to succeed and grow. She founded Milkwood with Nick in 2007. She is an experienced farmer, grower, beekeeper, pickler, teacher, life-long learner - and the author of best-selling books Milkwood, Easy Peasy, and the Milkwood Permaculture Living Handbook.

Nick Ritar

Nick will mentor you through your course, helping with your design and irrigation needs. He founded Milkwood with Kirsten in 2007. Since then, he has led over 2000 face-to-face students through their permaculture design journey - as well as farming, homesteading and parenting. He's the one on the right (just btw).

Guest expert gardeners

Alongside Hannah, Kirsten & Nick, Milkwood's team of experienced gardeners and growers will help you along your journey, answering all your questions and helping you figure out challenges. We also have a program of very special gardening guests for you inside the Live Class Calls.

Here's what's inside...

In 4 video lessons with guides and downloads, we'll take you through a complete garden design process, from goal setting to planning, layout, and creating a detailed garden design.

In 5 video lessons with guides and downloads, you'll learn all about the soil beneath your feet, and what an amazing resource that it is - also how to figure out your soil type, soil tests, and more.

Then, it's into garden bed construction - all the different options, and how to choose what will work for your context, budget, and lifestyle.

In 4 video lessons with guides and downloads, you'll learn to work with your particular seasons and climate zone, all about annuals vs perennials in the garden, and planning for crop rotation and succession so you always have a harvest coming on.

In 4 video lessons with guides and downloads, you'll learn seed raising tips and techniques, planting with seedlings, planting direct-sow seeds, weeds and other considerations.

In 4 lessons with guides and downloads, you'll learn about and plan for watering your veggies, irrigation planning, structures for plant support, hot season solutions, cold climate solutions, greenhouses,  cold frames and more.

In 4 video lessons with guides and downloads, you'll learn all about organic and natural fertiliser brews that you can make yourself, to ensure  your veggies get what they need! You'll also learn all about worm farms and compost, to help turn your household scraps into garden gold.

In 2 video lessons with an extensive trouble-shooting guide, you'll learn that managing pests is a part of gardening - this module will help you ID common plant diseases and pests, and shows you a range of ways re-balance your garden so it can thrive - with strategic crop planning, companion planning, soil building, and organic inputs.

In 3 video lessons with guides and downloads, you'll learn how best to harvest, store and preserve your veggies, for year-round goodness - best-practice harvest tips for keeping your garden moving forward, storage techniques and tricks, great recipes, and good ideas.

As well as the "you need to do this to grow great veg" modules, we have awesome, extra modules to expand your garden's diversity and resilience - from creating a detailed garden design to seed saving, harvest processing, keeping happy chickens, hot composting, seed raising and more.

Throughout your course, you'll be invited to explore an amazing range of gardens with our garden guest interviews - from wicking bed gardens, sloping sites, all-abilities garden design, seed saving gardens, community gardens and more

Once you join this course, you'll have access to our Veggie Gardening Community - a private student community where you can share pics of your garden, get feedback and support, meet other gardening folks, stay motivated, and get all your questions answered by Milkwood experts - and other gardeners, too.

The Live Class Meetups are a face-to-face video call, hosted within our course hub, which happen every few weeks. We'll notify you when each call is coming up - join if you can, but if you miss it, no worries - catch the next one?

All students get access to our archive of previous class meetup recordings as well, which are a treasure-trove of great answers (and questions) all about learning to grow.

In addition to the video lessons above, your course includes:

  • Your own Garden Planner Workbook
  • Our custom 'Sow What When' Database for all climates 
  • Guides and How-To Downloads for each module, to expand your learning.

Throughout your course, you can ask questions in any lesson, and our crew will answer you personally. Same goes for your student community. And then there's the regular Live Class Calls, where you can hop in and ask your questions face-to-face (or you can be a cat, we don't mind) to get the answers you need.

And the best bit?There's no end point. Just like your course access, the guidance that comes with this course is ongoing - we're here for you for as long as you need.

Plus personal workbook, guides and downloads...

We appreciate that there's many of styles of learning - so alongside your on-demand video lessons, online calculators and personal guidance from our team, Organic Vegetable Gardening includes a workbook, a planner, and a swag of step-by-step downloadable guides based on our decades of teaching, just for you - to help you design and grow your dream veggie patch, no matter how you like to learn.

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Take a peek inside Organic Vegetable Gardening...

Here's a lesson from Module 1 - it's all about goal setting and designing for people as part of your garden design, so you can design a dream garden that will actually work for you in reality...


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‚úĒ 8 weeks of course materials

‚úĒ¬†Downloadable guides

‚úĒ Live¬†Class Calls

‚úĒ¬†Personal mentorship

‚úĒ Exclusive student community

‚úĒ Lifetime access to¬†everything

And - *bonus resources*

‚úĒ¬†'Sow what when'¬†calculator

‚úĒ¬†Garden Planner Workbook


3 monthly payments of


3 monthly payments of



‚úĒ 8 weeks of course materials

‚úĒ¬†Downloadable guides

‚úĒ Live¬†Class Calls

‚úĒ¬†Personal mentorship

‚úĒ Exclusive student community

‚úĒ Lifetime access to¬†everything

And - *bonus resources*

‚úĒ¬†'Sow what when'¬†calculator

‚úĒ¬†Garden Planner Workbook


 You save $38


 You save $8


Turbo-charge your garden design and growing journey with:

‚úĒ All¬†course features & bonuses


‚úĒ¬†2 hours of¬†personal coaching call time with Kirsten¬†& Nick


*The gardening book pack*

‚úĒ¬†Milkwood: Real¬†skills for down-to-earth¬†living¬†personally autographed by Kirsten & Nick

‚úĒ Good Life Growing¬†personally autographed by Hannah



"Amazing course!! Loved every minute of it! You guys are amazing teachers and managed to create an interactive & fun way for us to learn virtually & apply in real life! Thank you."


"A Milkwood course is an unforgettable experience. Taught by great teachers; the chance to mix with like-minded people brimming with enthusiasm; learn a whole heap of new stuff; try a few sustainable things out; come away with masses of good ideas"


"Probably the most comprehensive course I've ever done. Mind definitely blown."

Costa Rica

Knowledge and growing techniques that work worldwide...

Yes, you CAN grow a garden where you live (at least some of the year!) - and if some tweaks are needed for your climate or country, we'll assist you personally. Here's our current online course student map...

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about this course? Here's the answers you seek...

We'll give you access to new lessons and resources every week for 8 weeks, but you can take longer, if you like. You have lifetime access to all your course materials, and lifetime access to your community, and the live class calls.

This course is design for folks with access to at least 10 square meters (100 square feet) of space to grow a garden - either at your place, or somewhere else - OR be planning a backyard patch of around that minimum size.

We do also have students that take our growing courses while they're in an apartment... to use the skills at their community garden, or in readiness for having more space.

Because you really can't have too many skills for household resilience, and there's always a way and a space to use those skills, once you know what to do.

This course is designed for the temperate-ish regions of planet Earth - so cool temperate, temperate, warm temperate and sub-tropical areas.

If you live in the tropics or in polar regions, about 80% of this course will still  apply to your growing journey, but you'll use different varieties of veggies, and need some extra protection strategies in extreme temperatures.

We can help advise on these challenges if you need.

The next class of our Organic Veggie Gardening course starts on September 16th.

We recommend joining the waitlist to ensure you're notified when bookings open for a short window before the class starts.

You'll receive new lessons each week for 8 weeks, and ongoing access to your course materials.

All students are able to ask questions inside each lesson, and get answered by our team within a day or so. Your student community is another place you can ask Qs, share pics of your garden, celebrate wins and brainstorm solutions.

The Live Class Calls are a face-to-face video call, hosted without our course hub, which happen every few weeks. We'll notify you when each call is coming up - join if you can, but if you miss it, no worries - catch the next one?

All students get access to our archive of previous class call recordings as well, which are a treasure-trove of great answers (and questions) all about learning to grow.

Yes, it does! All videos are fully captioned and the cations are searchable.

We recommend you set aside 1-2 hours a week to do this course, to get the most out of your learning experience.

The amount of time you spend actually 'doing the things' and designing, planning, creating and growing your garden is in addition to this.


Lifetime access means you will be able to access this course, and all its resources, for as long as we have it available online.

Milkwood has 15+ years experience of delivering stellar education - and we're not going anywhere, anytime soon.

This is a long-haul commitment for us, and for our family business. No tricks, no fine print. We want you to have access to this knowledge for as long as you need. 

Yes! We do discounted 'Fair Share' rates for folks who need them, because we believe this knowledge should be accessible to everyone.

If you need to access a Fair Share rate, or a full scholarship, get in touch once you've joined the waitlist by hitting 'reply' on the email we'll send you, and let us know.

We've made this course for anyone who wants to get started with growing veggies, regardless of how much or how little you might already know.

There are no prerequisites or required reading. No previous experience is necessary - we’ll walk you through the whole process, and we can answer any questions that arise.

Just bring your enthusiasm.

Nope! If you can view this page and the video on it, you can access the entire course just fine.

The course is delivered via our special course portal, web pages and email.

You can access your course hub and private community (which is not on facebook!) via any web browser on any laptop, PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone that is connected to a reasonable internet connection.

You don't need any other special applications or memberships to other platforms. You are not required to have a Facebook or Google account.

It's simple and easy.

Yes, you will! We send you a Certificate of Completion once you finish the course.

We'll do our best to make your course  the best experience we can. However, it just might not be for you. That’s ok! If you decide that’s the case, let us know.

Notify our team within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund your payment. No questions asked.

  • You must contact us by email at [email protected] before the end of the 30th day.
  • The money-back guarantee is available on both upfront and payment plans.
  • Refunds will be provided within 5 working days (often much more quickly).
  • That’s it! No catches and no fine print. We want to let you try our course absolutely risk free – that’s how confident we are that you’ll love it!

Please note that the 30-day money-back guarantee applies for the online component of your purchase only. Books, postage or personal coaching calls that have already been supplied or attended as part of the Fast-Forward option are not refundable.

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